About Caroline

‘Listening, illustrating and celebrating your life stories’

My Story

Hello and thank you for visiting my page. My name is Caroline Hyland and I am an illustrator and art facilitator living in Dublin, Ireland. I also create visual supports for an advocacy commitee. My background is in Visual Communications, Art Education and Occupational Therapy.

Over the last 25 years I have met so many wonderful people whose stories have inspired me. I really enjoy the collaborative process when creating bespoke illustrations and I am passionate about listening and using my art to help people feel heard. I am also passionate about using illustration to support people to feel valued and included by creating easier access to information through visual supports.

The ‘Can You See What I See?’ art project brought me on a journey back to my own illustration. For many years I dipped in and out of illustration but always prioritised other jobs and roles over creating my own art. It took a pandemic for me to face my fears, take the plunge and really give myself a chance at pursuing illustration.

Now is my time to show my son Tomas that you should always be true to yourself and follow your passions in life.

It just took me 25 years to really let myself do this… but better late than never!

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